luni, 9 februarie 2015

Dead Man Down

Film bun realizat de Collin Farrel. Destul de bun tinand cont ca are multa actiune de buna calitate si foarte frumos construita pas cu pas, apoi mult suspans pana spre final. Totusi, totul a mers foarte bine pana in momentul in care actorul principal a intrat in final in casa si a inceput sa traga in stanga si-n dreapta si totul s-a rezolvat, chiar si punctul final, cand cei doi capi de trib s-au rezolvat reciproc, omu' s-a chinuit sa omoare 2 etaje si aia se rezolva singuri :)))). Oricum, actorii joaca bine, coloana sonora e super misto, iar replica de final data de Victor lui Darcy face tot, inchizi filmul cu zambetul pe fata.

Nota: 9/10

Dead Man Down

Victor, a rising gangland player, has infiltrated the crime empire run by ruthless kingpin Alphonse, with the single purpose of making Alphonse pay for destroying his once happy life. As he meticulously orchestrates his vengeance from his high-rise home, Victor watches and is watched by Beatrice, a mysterious young woman who lives in the apartment across from his. On the surface a fragile woman-child, Beatrice seethes with a rage of her own. When she uncovers Victor's dark secrets, she threatens to expose him unless he helps her carry out her own campaign of retribution. Each fixated on avenging the past, they devise a violent and cathartic plan that could change their worlds forever.

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