duminică, 13 aprilie 2014

Dallas Buyers Club

Un film demn de Oscar/Globuri (ca deh, de aia a si luat premii) in care McConaughey interpreteaza foarte misto rolul unui bolnav de SIDA, de asemenea si Jared Leto in rolul lui de travestit, also sick. Filmul este o lectie despre viata, ambitie, prietenie si lupta cu o boala crunta, dar si cu sistemul medical american care-si cam facea de cap cum dorea. Este un film care poate fi recomandat si haterilor, celor care au o problema cu homosexualii/travestitii si tot ce tine de acest aspect pentru ca filmul nu pe asta pune accentul ci pe acea lupta cu boala si modul in care cei doi aleg sa-si construiasca viitorul constienti de boala pe care o au. Daca reusesti sa te pui in rolul personajului principal si sa "joci" viata in modul lui, you're cool !
Chiar daca filmul are 2 ore, te tine in scaun atent :D

Nota: 9/10

Dallas Buyers Club

In 1985, in Dallas, the homophobic electrician and rodeo rider Ron Woodroof is a smoker and cocaine and alcohol user that frequently has sex with hookers and promiscuous women. When he faints in his trailer, he is sent to the hospital where Dr. Sevard and Dr. Eve tell him that he is HIV+ and will die within thirty days. Ron also meets transgender Rayon, who is drug addicted that also has the disease. Ron does not accept the diagnosis but a couple of days later he realizes that it may be accurate. He researches about the disease and learns that AZT might be lethal for infected people. Further, he discovers that in Mexico there is a doctor with revoked license named Vass that uses alternative drugs in the treatment of AIDS. Ron improves his healthy and decides to sell the drugs in Dallas. He makes a partnership with Rayon and soon he creates the Dallas Buyers Club, where the memberships pay four hundred dollars per month to have the necessary drugs. But the FDA does not accept his research and he is oppressed by the authorities.

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