marți, 17 iulie 2012

The Ugly Truth

Simpatic film , simpatici actorii , ea frumusica si dezinvolta, el unul dintre actorii mei preferati , rolul in aceste tipuri de filme il prinde grozav , mi se pare ca joaca impreuna chiar foarte bine , din nou un film previzibil, ca majoritatea de acest gen de fapt ... per total un film bun , mi-a placut si actiunea, chiar daca a fost destul de simpla.

Nota: 9/10

The Ugly Truth

In Sacramento, the producer of a morning show Abby Richter is a controller that has a checklist with items about the ideal man for her; however she can not find any man that fulfills her prerequisites. Her show has problems with the low ratings and the TV direction hires the cynical chauvinist Mike Chadway that hosts the popular and gross mannish show "The Ugly Truth" about what men and women really want in a relationship. Abby has frictions with Mike and he proposes to help her to get her attractive neighbor Colin that fulfills her checklist; in return she would support him in the show. Abby dates Colin but when Mike is invited to participate in the Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show in San Francisco, they get closer and fall in love for each other. But out of the blue, Colin arrives in Abby's room and she has to make a decision.

Tind sa cred totusi ca urmatorul poster evidentiaza mult mai bine 'gandirea' unora :))

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