miercuri, 1 august 2012


Interesanta actiunea si sincer pe mine m-a tinut captiv pentru ca intotdeauna mi-au placut urmaririle stradale si aici au fost ceva , distributia a fost iarasi grozava , actorii completandu-se foarte bine , umorul de asemenea , spre sec , dar acolo,  punctul minus ar fi faptul ca apar multe greseli la editare ( dar deh , a fost facut in '98 )

Nota: 8/10


Ronin is the Japanese word used for Samurai without a master. In this case, the Ronin are outcast specialists of every kind, whose services are available to everyone - for money. Dierdre (undoubtedly from Ireland) hires several Ronin to form a team in order to retrieve an important suitcase from a man who is about to sell it to the Russians. After the mission has been completed successfully, the suitcase immediately gets switched by a member of the team who seems to work into his own pocket. The complex net of everyone tricking everyone begins to surface slowly, and deadly...  

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